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Going Home
Day 21, July 4 1998

After going through another severe customs check, where we again had to disappoint El Al officials by not carrying any explosives whatsoever, I just caught one of the winning goals of the soccer match of Holland vs. Argentina.

We spent the last of our money on some gifts and then boarded the plane that would take us back home.

Right before landing we were informed that the local temperature in Amsterdam was only 15oC. My God! I did miss the sun when we came back.

The next day, my computer seemed alien to me. My hand moving the mouse seemed not to directly affect the little white arrow on the screen. How quaint.

After a couple of days, I sunk again into the everyday rhythm of work. That's when I really found myself back home again.


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shuttle bus
 shuttle bus

The last sunset
 The last sunset

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