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Transport in Jordan
There are minibuses (small, cheap, seat about 12) and JETT buses (tour buses, more expensive). Minibuses do not leave until (almost) full. They do not have a time table. JETT buses are somewhat more restricted by time.
Taxis are also in great abundance in Jordan. Especially for more rural areas they are usually the only option (unless you are willing to wait a day).
Tip: always make arrangements for the total fare beforehand (or get them to drive by meter).

Transport in Israel
Buses are quite punctual, and present in great abundance in Jerusalem. Taxi drivers will try to rip you off. Be prepared.

Books of Choice
Stephen Fry The Hippopotamus8 out of 10
(Fry as always, witty and funny)
John UpdikeToward the End
of Time
7 out of 10
(a bit depressive though)
Jostein GaarderSophie's World3 out of 10
(To think this is supposed to pass for literature...)
Umberto EcoFoucault's Pendulum9 out of 10
(One hell of a book)

Food and Drink
Cheese - makes a great meal when combined with chunky tunafish and pita bread.

Chunky Tunafish - makes a great meal when combined with cheese and pita bread.

Mensaf - traditional Bedouin meal with veal and a cooked yoghurt sauce as the main ingredients. We had some of this delicious stuff in the Al-Quds restaurant in Amman. Try it!

Pita bread - makes a great meal when combined with cheese and chunky tunafish.

Tea (Shay) - Tea is quite big in Jordan. Try some Mint Tea while you're there (ask for Shay ma nana').

Turkish coffee (Qahwa) - Turkish coffee is quite good. It takes a bit of getting used to. One hint: Don't gulp it down.
Should you want a regular, strong coffee then the closest thing is Nescafé. ( may want to skip coffee while in Jordan.)

Yoghurt - this stuff is always served with olive oil for reasons lost in the mists of time.
Ask for some specifically without it.
This stuff is the thing to have if your stomach will not accept anything else.

Strange Currencies
Israeli money
When in Israel, use shekel. One shekel approximates $0.30.

Jordanian money
When in Jordan, use dinars. One JD approximates $1.30.

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Books of Choice

Food and Drink

Strange Currencies  

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