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Who's Piet Then?
Day 20, July 3 1998

Last full day of our holiday. We went to Jaffa Old City. First we came across an Air Show, held at the beach. A cafë owner at whose establishment we had had breakfast informed us that this Air Show was held for 'Piet'. Really, just for Piet? Wow. Piet must be some lucky guy, to have an Air Show held just for him personally.

It soon became clear that Piet was not the target audience for this Air Show. In fact, the word 'Piet' was his approximation of the word 'kids' in the English tongue, which was of course foreign to him. Kids. Still, the idea of this Air Show having been arranged just for the sole purpose of Piet's enjoyment stuck in my mind.

Jaffa was a very nice old town, but a little boring after all the cultural violence we had been through in Jordan. Back at the hotel, I fell asleep. For lack of other options I bought a sweatshirt at Planet Hollywood. We had dinner elsewhere, though, as Planet was a little too expensive.

This day's eccentricities:

  • My face is all red.
  • I saw a restaurant advertising 'sandwitches'.
  • I asked the waitress for 'two Cokes'. She looked at me as if I had just ordered John's head on a plate, with some salad on the side. I guess Israel is not as Western as they would like to be.

Got a rather severe sunburn (again).


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The Tel Aviv beach
 The Tel Aviv beach

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