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On The Road Again
Day 7, June 20 1998, Petra

On the awakening of the celebratory conclusion of our first week on holiday, a conflict has emerged between Dennis and his stomach. For this reason, we decide against hiking along the King's Highway to see Wadi Al-Mujib, and instead we opt for the direct bus to Petra, which takes the Desert Highway.

We got a yellow cab for 780 fils ($ 1) ! This guy drives by meter, how insanely great. We are among the first to take our seat in the minibus, so we have to wait longer until it's full. It wasn't until we had waited for over an hour when we finally left. There is barely enough space for my legs in this bus. Dennis spoke with a local and got us invited to dinner. Regrettably, due to the situation with Dennis' stomach, we had to decline.

At Petra, we checked into the Mussa Spring hotel. A very friendly manager got us some tea and we chatted for a while. The roof, where we were going to sleep, had an improvised roof. We took a nap first, before we had dinner at the hotel, which was nothing short of horrifying. It was based on an 'all you can eat' principle, but they had managed to make the food distasteful enough for you not to want to eat all that much. For once, I envied Dennis his sickness: he could only eat yoghurt. Tomorrow we should eat somewhere else.

Schrik! The entrance fee to the Petra site is apparently 20 JD ($ 25,6). Petra has indeed got all the makings of a full-fledged tourist trap. At least the hotel is reasonable priced.


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