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Day 18, July 1 1998, Jerusalem

Last full day in Jerusalem. Just relaxing, really. We went shopping today. Bought two CDs and a scene photo of Reservoir Dogs. Dennis got the David's Star for his girlfriend he was so desperately looking for and a nice box to put it in.

Read Sophie's World some more. The story is beginning to make some sense. The style sucks. That this stuff is supposed to pass for literature is pretty sad.

I discussed the origins of reality and the nature of dreams with Dennis. We both believe that our dream-selves are in a different reality, one we cannot enter in our waking state. Another hour spent productively.

I just realized how beautiful Jerusalem looks at night.


c   l   i   c   k


Jerusalem almost at night
 Jerusalem almost at night

For the last time, I'm sleeping there
 For the last time, I'm sleeping here!

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