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BBQ 'til you drop
Day 15, June 28 1998, Jerusalem

Slept late. Had breakfast. Went into Jerusalem New City to:

  • Some fruit mix
  • Replenish our water supplies
  • Consider purchasing a souvenir t-shirt
  • Get Dennis' glasses repaired
  • Buy a Lonely Planet Guide for Israel

Alas, the LP for Israel was sold out in every bookstore we encountered. I couldn't find an XL Hard Cafe t-shirt either.

Then off to Yad Vashem, Hebrew for 'monument', the National memorial for Jewish victims of the World War II. I found the Children's memorial to be very impressive. The only bad thing about it is the American tour guides who are degrading the memorial to a second-rate tourist attraction. But I suppose this is bound to happen as the first-hand witnesses of this dark hour in history are themselves swallowed up in time: even though we know, we still forget. And forget.

Back at the Petra hotel we came across David, the cook, who inquired if we were interested in a barbecue on the roof. Of course we were. I soon found myself frying potatoes in a kitchen without any lights. Luckily, I had my torch. During the meal, we spoke to three girls from New Zealand, who were working in London, and travelling through Egypt and Amman. One of the girls' name translated into 'fuck me' - which caused no end of annoyance for her, especially in Egypt.


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Old City Wall
 Old City Wall

At Yad Vashem
 At Yad Vashem

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